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Memphis, TN 901.565.7522
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All Loans Close at the Store - No Online Loans!

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  • Payday Loans – Get Up to $425!
    Here’s all you need to bring:

    • Checking Account Statement

    • Paycheck Stub or Proof of Income

    • Blank Personal Check

    • Drivers License

  • Car Title Loans* – Get Up to $2500!
    Here’s all you need to bring:

    • Clear / Clean Car Title

    • Your Vehicle

    • Driver's License

    • Proof of Residence

    • Four References

  • TN Flex Loan*
    *Available in select locations only, please call your local store for details.
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Quik Lend Cash
2830 Austin Peay #6
Memphis, TN
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  2. Sat: 9:30am - 1:00pm
  3. Sun: Closed

Car Title Loans in Memphis

Another great service that you can find at Quik Lend Cash is our car title loans in Memphis. This loan is perfect for all of you who are looking for urgent cash and financing. The application process will only take a short time. We will not ask complicated questions and require you to fill out a pile of paperwork. However, our well-trained and dedicated staff members will guide you through the easy process. You should no longer worry about getting access to the cash you need because you can just use your car as collateral, get your loan and continue to use your car. It is so easy to solve your financial dilemma. Go right ahead and fill out your application form. Give us a call or visit us to find out more.

Fast Payday Loans

If you are employed or receive a regular income, then payday loans in Memphis are the best product for you. This service is offered to people who have a paycheck. Unlike other loans in the market, ours comes with flexible terms of payments. You will find yourself dealing with pocket-friendly interest rates. The application process is also made convenient and easy. This is one of our leading services because we allow you to meet your urgent financial obligations without burdening you with other long-term obligations. So, your financial security is definitely in good hands when you use our services. With us, the fear of not being able to solve your financial dilemmas is gone. With us, the fear of being deducted everything, or incurring hidden charges doesn?t exist. Give us a call and find out how our loans can help you get ahead of your financial situation.

Cash Advance and More

You probably are worried about not qualifying for the loan. Perhaps your credit repayment history is not looking so good. Or maybe, you have been declared bankrupt. Fortunately, we have some good news for you. Even if you have poor credit, we still have a loan for you. Our cash advance does not consider your credit. It also does not involve the credit reference bureaus. At Quik Lend Cash, we pride ourselves in being a leader on matters related to cash advance services in Memphis. Our short-term loans will help you cover the urgent matters easily and conveniently. In fact, we are always available around the clock to meet your financial requirements. For more information on how our cash advance works, give us a call today.

Serving the surrounding cities: Bartlett, Southaven, Collierville, New South Memphis

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